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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Let's Try This Again

I have missed blogging! I want to do this so badly, but other things just get in the way. For example, Jody is out of town on business and this is a recount of my last several hours: Harper will not leave her diaper on and has peed in the floor 3 times, Carson spilt a glass of ice water all over Syd's homework, Syd spilt a Diet Coke can out of the refrigerator, Hudson threw up (gagged while coughing) and Murray (the dog) threw up 4 times because Harper had been feeding him scrambled eggs. This is one to many messes, especially when the cloud of pregnancy nausea is hovering over!!

Oh well, another day around here!! So, I am going to have to work in this blog. I soooo want to preserve this journey for my kids (not to mention it is a great way to keep long distance family and friends plugged into our lives). So for all of my blog fans (all 2 of you), hold my feet to the fire on this!

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