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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Few Kind Words

I love my grandaddy! I have so many wonderful memories of him.....riding his motorcycle as a little girl, tennis trips, endless hours of studying and doing laundry during college, golf lessons, and so much more. He is precious to me and every time I see him now tears well up in my eyes. The last two times I have been with him (Gatlinburg and yesterday for Thanksgiving) he shared some kind words with me. Here is what he said, "Shannon, I am so proud of you. You are to be commended. (I was melting at this point) I often brag on you to my friends. I tell them that you have four children, (and here is the best part), and you are not fat?!?!?" No, I am not kidding, that is what he said. And he was dead serious! He went on to say that he and his friends set at Kroger drinking coffee and talk about all of the fat women that walk thru pushing their carts. I was speechless the first time he told me. "Thanks, Grandaddy" was about all I could say. When he repeated this to me again yesterday, all that would come out was "Thanks". Tell me, what do you say to that?

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William said...

That is so sweet Shannon. You are a beautiful woman and a wonderful wife & mother and I am not surprised he said those words. I just hope I am not fat after 4 kids!:) Seriously, I agree that it is wonderful to have sweet granddaddy and I wish we lived closer to him. He is a great man and I've learned a lot from him. Loved reading your blog.

leigh Ann said...

hey girlie your grandaddy is so right you are truly beautiful inside and out But I must admit I keep asking our heavenly daddy if I can't be skinny why can't my skinny friends just be a little fluffy. Just Kidding Girl you shrink a little every time we get an addtion to that precious Duggars i mean Stivers family you go girl!!! LYLAS Leigh Ann