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Monday, March 15, 2010

It is "almost" official

We just heard from our Case Manager and AJ is "almost" officially ours. The Ethiopian judge is missing one piece of paper from MOWA. He/she is supposed to have it tomorrow for the final approval. We are cautiously celebrating!!! Tomorrow is also the day that the American doctor in Addis will be examining and evaluating him. Tomorrow is a big day!!

I told someone yesterday that I don't know how you walk this journey (or any other for that matter) if you are not a believer. Through all the uncertainty, the waiting, and the unknown, I have rested in the fact that He is my Rock. It is beyond comforting for me to know that He loves AJ more than I do and our lives are in His hands. He is teaching me things I never would have known that have strengthened my faith and brought me closer to Him. I am forever grateful......

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Sara said...

Felt the need to celebrate with a comment on your blog as well! SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!! We can't wait to meet your son and get a glimpse of what is waiting for us!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Praying!!!! Oh wow.....want to be really really excited for you all!!!

I agree- don't know what to do without a constant that holds us up!

The Stiffs said...

Our social worker just left about a half hour ago. Things went well, but I have about 2 weeks before the home study is complete. This was such wonderful news after a very, very long day! We'll be celebrating with you!

titushome said...

Praying that MOWA letter will get there tomorrow and that travel confirmation will come super fast and your little one will be in your arms!!!

I have thought the same thing so many times - how do you do this without the Lord!!



Bonner Family said...

That is wonderful news!!! Praying that all the paperwork is completed and approved tomorrow. I know that will be such a hugh relief!