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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Happy

There is nothing that makes me more happy than spending $652 on repairs for a 10 year old truck that most days sets behind our garage! Do you know what I could do with $652? (I am having visions of a new hutch for our dining room right before my eyes.) This is the same truck that has a dented bed because of a tree falling on it during an ice storm and the bottom of the passenger door is torn up because someone (of course not me) ran over a large stump!!

But you know what makes me even happier (the real down deep in your heart happy).....having a REALLY cute husband that REALLY likes his truck!! He is a "truck" kind of man!! I should mention that this "truck" kind of man is also willing to drive a 11 year old van so that our family is not stuck with a car payment and we can use the money to do lots of fun, family stuff. Yep that's what I love........that's what makes me happy!!!!!

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