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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Funny in a Sad Kind of Way

We had a big scare in our family a few weeks ago. Jody's dad had his second heart attack. Ironically, he has had both of his heart attacks (the first was 20 years ago) while running/training for mini-marathons. I know, that's crazy. Praise God, he is doing amazingly well. Hudson, however has been traumatized. Last week he was convinced that his heart stopped beating. This has continued on for several days now. I am not kidding when I say that 15 times a day he stops, checks his heartbeat and pulse, and then comes to tell me that it has stopped beating. The first several (I mean several) times I would set him down and explain that he is fine and I would help him feel the beat. Now, it is driving me nuts. In the middle of math, eating breakfast, going to bed, he panics about his heart beat. I now tell him, "Hudson, if it wasn't beating you would be dead." I realize that seems very insensitive. If he doesn't get past this we both are going to need some medical intervention!! Good thing he's so cute!

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