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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Difference Between Girls and Boys

Hudson went to Connecticut with my in-laws a few weeks ago. This is the conversation we had the night before he was to leave:

Me-"Hudson, let's go get your stuff packed."
Him-"I don't care what I take, can you pack it?"
Me-"Are you sure?"

So I go downstairs to get his stuff ready and I notice that Syd is right behind me. She wanted to help. She packed all of his things...toothbrush, clothes, underwear.....I mean everything. Then we decided we needed to get his carry-on for the plane ready. The picture you are looking at is his carry-on, that Sydney packed. She attached a note (as shown) to the outside of his backpack that diagrammed and labeled where everything is located inside. (Example: Outside Pocket-gum, coloring book, model skateboards, Tylenol, etc.) This was priceless to me!! She was very concerned that when he got on the plane he would not know where all of his things were?!?!

I smiled about this for days. Sydney has always been a "caretaker". How blessed will her future husband and children be one day......that is if Hudson ever lets her go.....he knows a good thing when he has it!?!?!?

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