"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven." Ecc. 3:1

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Well...it's Monday and I am on a mission. After almost a year of being pregnant, selling our home, moving in with the in-laws, building a house, having a baby, and starting back to school (my what a year) I have no "groove". The housework is swallowing me, the kids have huge amounts of homework, and I have a long list of decorating/settling in things that I want to do around the house. I feel like I just keep turning around in circles and accomplishing nothing. So I am a mission to get a little more organized and systemized (is that a word) around here. My goal is to spend Monday at home doing laundry, cleaning, etc and then Tues. run all the errands I need to for the week. That means on Wed. I will be free to go to chapel with the girls, maybe take them lunch, and then get ready for our parent/kid date night on Wed. Thursdays are always busy because I have Bible Study (I think I have gotten all my work done maybe once) and then the evenings are busy studying with the kids for their tests on Friday. Hopefully this will free up my weekends to play, relax, and have lots of family fun?!? Does anyone care about this but me?? I just hope that Miss HM agrees with my new schedule...

We had a great weekend! J and I went out for a while on Friday night. We ate dinner, went to the bookstore, got coffee, drove around and talked...very nice. H had his first flag-football game and C had a friend come over on Saturday afternoon. They played outside and J and I vegged out watching the UK vs LSU game.....go Cats! On Sunday we went to church and then had lunch at Jody's parents. The kids love playing with their cousins, it is one of their top 3 favorite things to do EVER! The weather was beautiful, sunny and cool, just the way I like it.

HM is growing so fast. She has her first tooth now and is setting up! BEAUTIFUL I am going to stop nursing this week. I believe it is time...a little sad though. I told J yesterday, how amazing that our God created a woman's body to feed a child, to give that child all he/she needs to survive. How creative, how awesome!!

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