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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Uninteresting Information

Maybe you don't know:

1. Anytime I walk out of a room I make sure the lights are all turned off (and the ceiling fans).
2. If I am watching TV at night before I go to sleep I make sure it is set on channel 6 (NBC) before I turn it off.
3. I hate wearing coats.
4. I hate being tickled.
5. I hate running out of hot water.
6. I type sentences out in my mind. If I have a thought in my head, sometimes I will pretend like I am actually typing it out on a keyboard.
7. If I have a thought that is bad, I will pinch myself really hard.
8. I have to sleep on flat pillows because my neck will hurt in the morning if I don't.
9. I can only chew cold things on the right side of my mouth because I have a sensitive tooth on the left side....which brings me to the following:
10. I would rather have 100 PAP smears than go the the dentist.
11. My "dream job" would be to work in labor and delivery!
12. I want our family to go on a foreign mission trip.
13. When I see people pushing their pets in "pet" strollers I want to scream!
14. I despise every minute of being out in the snow.....I love looking at it from my window!
15. I am terrified of tornadoes.
16. Rainy days (without tornado warnings) are my favorite.
17. I want to take a week long vacation with Jody to a very warm, sunny place.
18. I don't like coconut or anything raspberry.
19. I enjoy presidential politics.......I'm becoming a Huckabee fan.
20. If I could live anywhere else it would be Texas, don't know why. I have never even visited there?

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