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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Family Driven Faith"

Wow! I finished this book in just over 24 hours! (You can imagine what kind of disarray my house is in right now.) Voddie Baucham, Jr. (the author) stepped on my toes and got in my face all at the same time??? After I finished the book last night I could not sleep. As soon as Jody got up this morning I was shoving it under his nose asking him if he thought he could finish it by this afternoon....no comment!

According the Voddie, "It is as though Christian parents in America have been lulled to sleep while the thief has come in to steal, kill, and destroy our children right under our noses." (see John 10:10) According to researchers, 70-88 percent of Christian teens are leaving the church by their 2nd year in college. He puts the responsibility for this crisis on the parents.....according to the Bible it is the parents job to teach, disciple, and raise up their children in the Lord....not our Christian schools, youth leaders, or Vacation Bible School teachers. "A family without a commitment to the God of the Bible has no hope of stemming the tide of cultural onslaught.....Unfortunately, this is exactly what many Christian families do. We do marriage according to Dr. Phil, raise our children according to Dr. Spock, govern our sex lives according to Dr. Ruth, and only run to Dr. Jesus when things have gotten so bad we can't find another doctor to help us." He also had so many other good points. He challenges the way we "do"church today. He encourages families to have worship time together at home in addition to prayer and Bible study. "Why is it that Christian families think nothing of a lifestyle that demands hours per week traipsing across town (ball games, gymnastics, birthday parties, etc.), blood, sweat, and tears from children, and thousands of dollars each year from our bank accounts, but the idea of a twenty-minute daily commitment to family worship immediately strikes them as too much to ask? I fear that we have lost our way..."

I am going to have to let this really sink in! I can't wait for Jody to read it.....I just prayed last night that God would open our hearts and minds to any changes we needed to make for our family! I pray that we will live boldly for His kingdom and that we will raise mighty warriors in His name who know why they believe what they believe....to the very core of their sweet little souls!!!

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