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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here are my girls, climbing a "very large" hill on our camping trip over Spring Break! As I watched them climb, I realized how different these two are.

As you can see Sydney is at the top, arms spread wide open. She "runs" through life with no fear. She is confident, she is strong. She doesn't care if her hair (or teeth) or brushed. She doesn't care about her clothes or what her peers at school think of her. But what you can't see are the scrapes and bruises on her sweet little legs. This little girl tripped, fell, slid, and accumulated more "boo-boos" on this trip than you can imagine. That is one of the things that I love about her......she doesn't live her life "scared" and doesn't take anything to seriously. She cries for a little bit, laughs, dusts herself off and moves on.

If you will notice, Carson has her head turned back toward me. I guarantee you that as she slowly made her way up the hill she was thinking, "Should I be doing this.....What if I fall?......What if I see a snake?....How am I going to get back down?" Her maturity amazes me I am so proud of her. She loves and "feels" so deeply. She thinks situations through and she desperately wants to do the right thing. She worries about what others think and wants to be the peacemaker. The morning we went for this hike she was up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair done, and ready to go before I even knew what time it was. She is cautious....there were no bruises or boo-boos on her legs?!?

Only God knows what is in store for my children! (And just in case you were curious, while they were climbing Hudson was laughing his head off peeing on the bushes...) As I think of each of their personalities and traits I am in awe of our Creator. What an awesome God! He created each of us so different, according to His "grand design". I pray so often that He will help me see what He desires for each of them. He has given them to me for such a short period of time, I want to foster and encourage them in accordance with His plan!

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