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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just Random

There's not much to report on around this place lately. Things are actually quite calm.....kind of like the calm before the storm?? Here are some of our random comings and goings:

Kids Christmas program was last night-I think it was the best one yet. It was a little strange having 3 children on stage. Hudson was dreading it....he was almost in tears before it started but he did a great job (I actually bribed him....cappachino and Christmas lights at the park...it worked).

Harper has enough hair to wear hair bows now!

Murray still is not house trained....good thing he is so darn cute.

I still have several Christmas gift purchases. Oddly enough, I'm not really stressed about it.

We are going to see "Wicked" in 18 days!!!

Jody's office Christmas party is here on Friday. Even stranger (is that a word), I'm not worried about that either?!

We have had 2 Saturdays in a row with nothing to do...I love that!

I am still reading "Sacred Marriage", having a hard time finishing it up.

That's about it! Be back soon.....

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