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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Have you ever.....

Have you ever experienced a gynecological exam with an 8 month old baby on your lap? This is not fun and something I would never recommend. The large "paper towels" that they give you to wrap your naked self with don't last long.....especially while setting and waiting 30 minutes on the exam table. What was I to do, get up and walk around?? Babies do not set still and they pull and tear at your "paper towel" until basically there is nothing, and then the doctor walks in and you might as well just be setting there naked for all to see!! When you are pregnant and excited to be having a baby this isn't so bad (the naked for all to see part), but not so much when you're just there for your yearly check up.

Moving on......I am off to lunch with a friend (Los Amigos is calling my name) and then to the mall for a little Christmas shopping. I am thankful to be spending my day in sweats and not a "paper towel".

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