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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


If you have ever read Gary Chapman's book "The Five Love Languages of Children" you will understand Sydney's language....time. She is very simple to please and doesn't require much. Most of the time she would rather be at home, writing, coloring, or playing with her Polly Pocket Cruise Ship. She loves playing with Carson and Hudson and mothering Harper. To put it simply, she just wants to be with us. If you will just "be" with her she is happy! A few weeks ago her and Jody decided to read "Enchanted" in preparation to see the movie when it came to the theatre. Well the time is here. They have layed in her bed many nights and read their way through this love story. Tonight they will see the movie and I am sure enjoy a big bag of buttery popcorn and large Cherry Coke.

I am so thankful for this precious girl and a daddy who is willing (and wants) to read to his daughter and take her on a date to the movies. I'm just a little jealous that I can't tag along?!

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