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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Little of This...A Little of That

Not to much to report on around this place the last week or so. No one else throwing up (me or Hudson) or peeing in the bed (just Hudson)!? We have had a wonderful break! Thanksgiving was very nice. We had lunch with Jody's family and then visited at mom's for a little while in the afternoon. We capped the day off with popcorn and a movie....lots of fun! On Friday we said good-bye to the scarecrows on the front porch and replaced them with small Christmas trees with white lights. The kids and I decorated the tree and I am now in Christmas shopping mode.

Jody and I are working very hard to keep our schedule as free as possible over the next month or so. "To much of a good thing is NOT a good thing" around our house. We like our "down" time!!

I do have one "bloggable" moment that occurred between Syd and I one night while we were just chatting:

Me: Syd, what is the one characteristic you want in the man you marry?

Syd: A Christian

Me: Is there anything else?

Syd: Yeah. You know that right now it would bother me if his legs didn't work right or he was sick or something. But, it won't bother me when I get older. (This may have come from to much "Little People, Big World).

I felt the tears in my eyes, how I pray that her sweet, compassionate heart never changes!!

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