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Friday, November 30, 2007

Come on girl, pull it together

As I set down to type this post I am watching my puppy (that is still far from house trained) chew up my pretty red Christmas bow. You know what, I'm going to let him chew....chew Murray chew! Harper is asleep and I have about 30 minutes until I have to pick up the others from school. My house is a WRECK, I have no idea what we are eating for dinner tonight, and I just remembered that I forgot to buy a wedding gift at the mall (that I just came from)?!?

It has been one of those weeks. If you asked my family to vote for the "Mom of the Year" award I would not receive one stinkin' vote. The long Thanksgiving break last week was wonderful. I think I am sulking because I want to go back. I told Jody earlier that I am not meant for "school", I am meant for "breaks". I have got to pull it together, I have 18 more years of this stuff!! Things go much smoother around our house if I get up before the kids, spend some time with Jesus, and then get everyone else up and going. We can normally pull off a pretty nice, non-rushed, easy morning....they may even get breakfast. Nope, not this week. I can't drag myself out of bed and I can't sleep at night (I stayed up Wed. night watching this crazy show about a 7' 8" Japanese women and eating doughnuts...me eating the doughnuts, not her). This morning for breakfast they ate pop tarts and goldfish in the car on the way to school, I wouldn't vote for me either.

Tired of my pity party yet, me too! Well, tomorrow is a new day. I'll pull it together. What choice do I have.....

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Kari & Kijsa said...

Shannon, so sweet had to check yours out! Love the banner! Thanks for all you do, have a fabulous evening!